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The Sound Of Healing: "Feeling" Sound Ep 1
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Published 4 months ago |
What is sound and what sounds surround you daily ? Host Candi Kelogg helps you "feel" sound and experience how it affects you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Through sound clips that demonstrate the manipulation of our thoughts, emotions, and health, and visualizations to demonstrate your body's responses, Candi directs how to use sound to your advantage, and includes a stand alone visualization for spiritual healing to help deal with forgiveness.

Whether or not we can hear it, everything is sound. Sound is the energy from the vibration of atoms in motion that may not be in our hearing range. Your frequency or vibration creates sound that is affected by thoughts, actions, emotions and the sound that surrounds you. Through the fluctuations of our vibratory level we affect every aspect of life through the connection of this energetic resonance.

THE SOUND OF HEALING, with host Candi Kellogg surrounds you with positive sound, feelings, thoughts, and visions. Kellogg has spent her life healing others spiritually and through music and now shares this knowledge with you in order that you too may feel the music within you.

Healing with Sound through the various episodes will awaken you to the sounds that you can and you cannot hear including the sound of colour, nature, and how we can utilize not only our voice but environment for healing and coping during times of stress.
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