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Did I Just Hear...Income Tax is Voluntary?
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Renaissance Man
Published a month ago |
I am a devotee of Irwin Schiff. He was the father of Peter Schiff and had written a number of books on the Federal Income Tax and that according to his research, this tax is voluntary. Sadly, Mr. Schiff passed away in Federal Prison and whoa unto you who dares to take on the mighty IRS. See Wesley Snipes or Martha Stewart.

I've been combing for content that lends some credence to Mr. Schiff. These Hearings and this passage for example, may show some slip ups. Do not kid yourself; the original Constitutional Republic ended a long time ago and now we exist under a bastardized Democracy where we have a two rail Justice rail for all of us useless eaters and one for all of the Elites who think they know what's best for all of us.

Do your research. Watch my video and other video's that are available. Knowledge is True Power. The greatest fear of the Elites is that we do not need them. Thank you for watching

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