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Google Buries References To Vaccinated Taylor Swift's Concert.
Published 9 days ago

Because Google, and the mainstream media in general, are worried that people might realize that Ana Benevides lost her life the night of Taylor Swift's concert because she had received the jab, and Taylor herself was onstage gasping for air for 15 seconds because she has been jabbed, now suddenly the story has been buried by Google entirely. Type her name into Google now and go to the news tab, and all you get are pages of articles about Taylor dating Travis Kelce. That's it, nothing else. There's no way a 23 year old died of a cardiac arrest because it was a bit hot in the venue. Most heat stroke deaths are elderly people over 60.

We also must remember that Travis Kelce was in an ad promoting the Pfizer jab a few months ago. This is who Taylor Swift is in a relationship with. 

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