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Media Censorship & JFK, Thiaoouna Prophecy, Suzie Smith, Jesse Hal
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Published a year ago

Hello Friends! On this Out of this World Radio show, I will be talking about how the media is the virus! All over the world, people are demonstrating against the mass media because of they have not been telling people the truth and have tried to control the narrative. Wherever you are, be aware of how the media is controlled and take a stand against it! Having a free press and First Amendment rights of freedom of speech is important for any democratic and honest society – and without it we will not have any freedom. Special messages from U.S. President Kennedy will also be given during the show! I then interview Samuel Chong about the Thiaoouba Prophecy. The book is a history of human civilization on Earth for the past 1.35 million years, with a detailed fascinating history of Mu, Lemuria, and Atlantis, as well as important messages on how we can make this world a much better and happier world! After this, I interview Suzy Smith, a fantastic spiritual healer! Suzy is a nurse from Florida who also does spiritual healing. She will be part of my upcoming Galactic Wisdom Conference on March 18 and 19, 2023, and I hope you can all listen to her and all my other fabulous speakers! See: The cost for the entire Conference is just $50 to hear some of the world’s most famous and well known healers, psychics, and scientists! See: see Finally I interview Jesse Hal with the Missing Link, a wonderful radio show in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. See: I hope you can all listen to these amazing interviews! With lots of love and light, For a planet that’s happy and bright! Ted, Host, Out of this World Radio.

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