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Amightywind Prophecy 64 - Tell MY Children To Flee The Churches of Babylon! YAHUSHUA SAID "They starve MY baby sheep and MY lambs"
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This Amightywind Prophecy 64 was given to Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu. It is called "Tell MY Children To Flee The Churches of Babylon!" Given October 16, 2002

This Prophecy exposes the false and counterfeit manmade Sabbath, Sunday, as it is not YAHUVEH's true Sabbath. The true Sabbath that the Bible commands us to keep in the 10 Commandments (Exodus 20) is the Seventh Day of the Week, Friday sunset to Saturday Sunset.

It also exposes the Pope; and the Catholic Church that teaches it's members to pray to Mary, angels and men (created beings). This is idolatry which is a sin and is condemned by the Bible. Flee from this church of Babylon. Most of the churches of this world are the Churches of Babylon that the Lord mentions in this prophecy and are ruled by brutish pastors.

Flee from the Churches of Babylon and come to YAHUSHUA/JESUS CHRIST who is the Only Good Shepherd ! (John 10:11)

Prophecy Excerpts:
"Tell them MY Daughter, tell them. The majority of the churches are Babylon. They starve MY baby sheep and MY lambs. The pastors are nothing but evil in these churches of Babylon that speak forth MY Words and yet no power is within them. No milk, no meat the only ones that get fed is the evil shepherds with the material gain of this world to build onto their buildings already built. To compare the numbers with one another as they boast, I have this many in my congregation and I have that many in my congregation but oh how few are filled with MY SPIRIT. Oh MY heart grieves, MY Children!


The ones that have the man made Sabbath. Oh so few of a remnant are in MY churches. They say they are MY churches and they don't even belong to ME. I have told MY People MY true mighty warriors to flee. Is not MY RUACH ha KODESH (HOLY SPIRIT) able to come into them as they sit in their own homes? Truly I tell you this the evil has gotten more evil but MY anointing has grown stronger in the GODLY. For demons have been unleashed and where is the first place they go? They fill the pews and they stand behind the altars, behind the podiums. They stand there puffed up in their pride. They say I have millions that follow me. They boast of themselves on TV but I tell you the truth MY Spirit is not in them.

Run children, run, run, run, for MY judgment starts at the house of YAHUVEH. The churches that once belonged to ME now I give the instructions to MY Children flee. Oh the little ones they go to these churches just for a sip of the milk of MY Word. They realize not behind the pulpit in so many of these churches stand a man or a woman filled with satan's spirit. The youth pastors, the worship leaders oh how many are full of satan's spirit.

Oh I grieve and I cry for those that once started following ME and worshipped YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, who cried out to Jesus Christ, who started out on the right road but when trouble comes and testing comes and they need more of MY anointing they turn to the organized church where MY anointing can not be found, for it is the anointing that breaks the yokes and bondages that sets the captives free.

Hello my name is Apostle Elisheva Eliyahu welcome to YAHUVEH GOD’S Aleph and Tav Amightywind RUACH HA KODESH Fire Last Chance Ministry. I am a full blooded Jew both physically and spiritually and YAHUSHUA has been the love of my life ever since I was saved as a young teen when HE rescued me and now I want to help bring many others to Salvation in YAHUSHUA.

This is a Messianic Jewish Hebrew Roots Biblical Ministry reaching both Jews and Gentiles with the Full Gospel of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH our SAVIOR in over 50 languages worldwide for over 25 years on the internet.

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