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German New Medicine Series A Conversation with Dr Chris Lowthert Part 2
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John Lamb Lash
Published 2 months ago |
We are publishing these exclusive interviews between Kathleen Dudley and Dr Chris Lowthert on the scientific and medical discoveries of Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer and his German New Medicine. Lowthert is a long term student and personal friend of JLL, and introduced German New Medicine to him and his students.
Dr Hamer:
“All so-called diseases have a special biological meaning. While we used to regard Mother Nature as fallible and had the audacity to believe that She constantly made mistakes and caused breakdowns
(malignant, senseless, degenerative cancerous growths, etc.) we can now see, as the scales fall from our eyes, that it was our ignorance and pride that were and are the only foolishness in our cosmos. Blinded, we brought upon ourselves this senseless, soulless and brutal medicine.

Full of wonder, we can now understand for the first time that Nature is orderly and that every occurrence in Nature is meaningful, even in the framework of the whole. Nothing in Nature is meaningless, malignant or diseased.”

Learn more about GNM:
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