32 year old VAXX Pushing Ironman Triathlete DOCTOR Killed by VAXX 💉💉💉
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Another Pro-Vaxxer Joins The Cemetery



Cason Robert Douglas King PhD.

Our beloved son, grandson, brother, nephew, cousin, uncle and friend, Cason King, passed away suddenly on August 11th, 2022, at the young age of 32. Our family was not expecting for Cason’s life to be cut short so soon. We are heartbroken and devastated by this huge loss and we know that the world will be a bit dimmer without his bright smile, quick wit and fearless presence.

Cason was the first child born to Sherry and Doug on September 14, 1989, in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. As a child, Cason loved all sports, especially hockey, soccer, track & field and cross country running. And he was fast! This led to his passion for completing marathons, triathlons and Ironman competitions. Cason loved school and always gave 1000 %. This led him towards the University of Western Ontario and Dr. Joseph Mymryk. Here Cason obtained his PhD. in microbiology and immunology -graduating with distinction in 2018. Cason immediately joined Dr. Andrew Mehle’s lab at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, as a post doctoral fellow, thus furthering his research in medical microbiology and immunology.

Cason loved to travel, especially with his love, Eva. Together they visited Guatemala, Madeira Island, many many European countries and numerous Canadian and American cities.

While working in Dr. Mehle’s lab, Cason developed a high, risk-high reward project to create novel ways to dissect how influenza virus interacts with the cells it infects. In essence, Cason changed the way the science field thinks about cellular response to influenza virus infection. Using this project, Cason obtained the highly competitive and prestigious Open Philanthropy Fellowship from the Life Sciences Research Foundation. The Foundation clearly recognized the exceptional potential in Cason and his research. Cason enriched the lives of so many, guiding and shaping his friends’ careers, mentoring young scientists both at Western University and the University of Wisconsin and volunteering his expertise and time both in the lab and at numerous national and international conferences.

Cason’s love for sports, travel and science is only surpassed by the love he had for his family. Cason’s mom and dad, Sherry & Doug, brother Bryn, sister-in-law, Kara, and nephew, Kaidan, grandmother, Denise, and partner, Eva, will miss him dearly.

Cason and Eva were life partners. They shared a uniquely special bond, loving each other incredibly deeply and honestly. Their presence in each other’s lives was what kept them grounded through the highs and lows of life - whether this involved talking about their days over Skype or the long awaited and much treasured in-person visits. Together they shared a bright future. They had exciting plans for a life together, which was an incredible motivator for them both. Cason was the most caring, supportive, hilarious, charming, selfless partner to Eva and his passing leaves an unfillable void.

Cason’s beloved black lab, Kessel, will surely miss his best buddy and the special bond that exists between a boy and his dog.

Cason was a runner. He knew that winning doesn’t always mean getting first place. It means getting the best out of yourself. One of Cason’s greatest joys was completing the race and inspiring others to perform at their best. We’re so sorry, Cason, that you did not finish your race here on earth. We love you dearly and you are leaving us with an emptiness that is beyond words......you are our pride and joy.....forever our loving, strong, passionate, courageous and beautiful son.



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