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P.1 Weevil infestation of pistachio nuts: Did I leave the lid up? MVI_4609
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EK the Urban Yeti
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Published 14 days ago

Even though I have resolved to put each new buy of bulk dried foods that are susceptible to already being infected with weevil eggs at the shop, into the freezer for 2 or 3 days to kill the eggs, and grubs if they’ve already hatched, I haven’t managed to do all of them yet. Pistachios have been eaten, rice bags are waiting for me to freeze, then pack into boxes with tight-fitting lids. (After taking dried food out of the freezer in its plastic bag or container, let it reach room temperature, and when condensation finishes, preferably put it into airtight containers. There are several other procedures that starve the eggs and grubs of oxygen, and these methods are worth investigating.)

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