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Knowing The Creator 101 - Episode One - The Universal One
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Matt Presti
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Published a year ago

Mankind's ability to obtain direct and timeless knowledge does not come from books nor does it come from mankind's electric brain which is but a recorder of electric motions stored as memories via the senses. The brain has no more intelligence than a computer hard-drive. It but reads the repeated and remembered electrically stored information, Rote learnings or cultural identity software programs used to interact with the outside world and fulfills its purpose well. The body is so real to many people that they have become chained to it (materialist science for instance) and are unable to go beyond it for which mankind is paying a heavy price. All knowledge comes from the "One Universal Mind" of which each independent Mind unit is but an extension. There is a process to the unfolding of idea into a body simulation. This ability is shared by geniuses across the world who demonstrate new knowledge, prior to which did not exist. The Mind of the artist uses the electric brain/body like a tool to accomplish his/her desires. The cosmic man/woman/child knows the body as a tool for expression of the soul/mind and knows of their own immortality. This series will help to explain this process and how it can be applied to our own lives. The reward is "awareness of CAUSE" and the "awareness of Universal Mind" which gives to man, full understanding of effect. There is a very real process to creation. It's about time mankind knew of that process. Only new knowledge will save mankind from his own destruction.

Written - Produced - Directed Filmed - Edited - Scored by Matt Presti

Dedicated to the uplifting of humanity in its troubled hour.

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