The Medicine and Meanings of Plants That Show Up For You On Your Land
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For some of us, "Earth Day" is EVERY SINGLE DAY, we don't need a day to remember and honor and hold this Being in our hearts, minds, and bodies!

In honor of our Planetary Love, Mama Earth, in exploring the medicine and meanings of plants that show up on your land, you are embarking on a fascinating journey of discovery and connection with the natural world around you. Each plant carries its own unique qualities and benefits, waiting to be understood and appreciated, metaphysically and in the aspect of medicine.

Seek to connect into the surrounding plants that show up, and learn about the ways they have been used for healing and spiritual purposes. By connecting in this way, you can deepen your appreciation for their significance and tap into their inherent wisdom.

As you build a relationship with the plants on your land, remember to approach them with respect and gratitude. Take only what you need and always ask permission before harvesting. By fostering a sense of reciprocity and reverence, you can cultivate a harmonious bond with the plant world that will enrich your life and connection to this Living, Breathing Beautiful Earth Consciousness.


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