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Evidence for the Spirit - Short
Published 3 years ago
In this Page Briefing we provide “Evidence for the Spirit” because having an awareness of the evidence for an afterlife and a non-physical realm can profoundly impact your understanding of the meaning of life and death. Within one double-sided page the strongest evidence and references are presented that are short and to the point, which include information on the “Law of Entropy”, “Hydrocephalus (Water Head)”, “Irreducible Complexity of Biological Molecular Machines”, “Overdesign of the Human Body”, “Genetic Redundancy”, and more.

Direct link to PDF version (includes hyperlinked references):

Direct link to JPG version:

Also see the full free audio video lecture series and courses at as well as many other free single page ‘Page Briefings’ at and obtain ebook/paperback book versions of the information at

God bless!
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