Donald Trump is Right about the European Migrant invasion!
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Illegal Immigration in Germany: There's a concern about illegal immigration into Germany reaching a five-year high in the first quarter of 2024. An ADF lawmaker is calling for border push backs, criticizing the government's handling of the crisis.

German Public Opinion: Many Germans fear becoming a minority in their own country due to immigration, particularly from Africa and the Middle East. Nearly half of Germans also believe that Europeans are gradually being replaced by immigrants.

Comparison to Canada: Martin draws a comparison to Canada, suggesting that the Canadian "proper" population might be a minority due to European immigration. He questions whether the same fear of becoming a minority exists in Canada.

Donald Trump's Remarks: Martin quotes former US President Donald Trump, who warned about the consequences of mass immigration in Europe. Trump specifically mentioned changes in historic European cities like Paris and London due to open borders.

Preservation of Culture and Tradition: Martin expresses agreement with Trump's views and emphasizes the importance of preserving culture and tradition in the face of immigration.

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