A World of Confusion and Delusion
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We live in a world of Confusion, Delusion, and Scoffers abound?

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I have noticed in the comments section that people are lashing out with hateful arrogant comments to anything they disagree with? It’s funny but the worst comments I get are on the Rumble platform, these are supposed to be the free thinkers, free speech folks?


Confusion =the state of being bewildered or unclear in one's mind about something.


People today are living in a world of confusion, Colleges used to teach people how to think (60’s question everything) now they teach them what to think.We are living in a world of delusion, facts no longer matter, you can create your own delusion and everyone is being forced to go along with it. (Man mis-gendered in fast food restaurant)


Delusion =a false belief or judgment about external reality, (Biology/science)Good/evil)

We live in a world of scoffers, they believe all the demonic lies because they want to, how dare you try to confuse me with the facts?


Scoffers =the arrogant, nose in the air person who acts with arrogant pride.

Lawlessness = (I can do what I want and you can’t stop me)

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