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WiFi Radiation SPIKES When You Watch Real News | PROOF! La Quinta Columna
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Published 2 years ago
CELLPHONE RADIATION INCREASES WHEN YOU WATCH SOMETHING "THEY" DON'T WANT YOU TO WATCH! if it doesnt fit the mainstream cabal narrative, and you are watching it on your phone/wifi, they hit you with microwave frequencies. Tested and proven!

So if you are being bad and watching what Artificial Intelligence does not want you watching (like you are now) you are getting zapped with higher amounts of radiation. If you don't think your government knows about this you are mistaken.

They have so many ways to kill us and have been trying to all of our lives. This is why I cannot see how a peaceful protest will change anything. You can only deal with vile murders in one way. They are murdering children for money. Think about that. Let that sink in.
Source: Laquinta Columna
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