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What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #234
Published 3 years ago
Date: 2020-08-09

Topics: Technology Fascism & Questions & Clarifications Part 4, Technical know-how free yourself from online censorship, "MY Freedom Movement" folks don't care if it doesn't affect them which is why the world is falling deeper into bondage and slavery, Apple privacy and property infringement and obstruction of the free-flow of information, Luddites, Fools who follow Anarcho-hyphenated ideologies don't get it, Apple's 2007 introduction of iOS policy by which applications can only be downloaded through the Apple App Store constitutes a software monopoly and racketeering policy, Stop telling others what operating system to use because it's NOT YOUR choice to make but THEIRS, Criminality of Apple forcing people to use THEIR OWN PROPERTY as Apple deems acceptable, Big Tech engaged in deliberate censorship of information which contradicts that mainstream media narrative, Benefits of Downie software by Charlie Monroe, Apple's criminal censoring of Downie 4, Apple is NOT doing this for "safety" but to censor the ability of people to download from YouTube and re-distribute information, Mark reads from Downie developer Charlie Monroe's blog regarding what Apple did, Demo of Downie 4, "Freedom" movement can't get its act together to fund BitChute streaming which is NEEDED to get away from YouTube's censorship, LBRY demo, How to ad-hoc codesign a macOS application, Circumvention of internet censorship,, Search engines do not index 95% of internet content which is why that content is called the Dark Web, BitTorrent tracker, BitTorrent files and Magnet links, BitTorrent demo with Transmission BitTorrent software, Subscribing to the upcoming WOEIH Newsletter, for finding important books online, demo.

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