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Witches War Against Saints, WEF speaker cloaks march toward mark of the beast, AI Doom - and Hope!
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The Open Scroll
Published 6 months ago |

In this video:

* Witches War Against the Saints

* Dr. Yuval Harari (World Economic Forum) - Classic "Dr. They" handling of the march toward the mark of the beast

* AI robot offers non sequitur response during casual Q and A: "There’s no need to worry. Robots will never take over the world. We’re here to help and serve humans, not replace them.”

* "A longstanding question in the field is whether a superintelligent AI could break bad and take out humanity, and researchers from the University of Oxford and Google Deepmind have now concluded that it’s “likely” in new research."

* Signs of approaching famine and war: "Resurgent bird flu wiping out egg, turkey supplies" Putin threatens StarLink satellites. Chemical and Nuclear weapons are considered as options.

* People are losing the will to live, lacking hope.

* Reading of the scriptures

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