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Watercolor - 1st Portrait, the Easy Way
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Published 2 months ago |
Very first watercolor portrait attempt....I'm still learning watercolor. COME JOIN ME IN THE JOURNEY!!

I call this portrait, "Girl with No Pearl Earring". This was the first serious portrait I attempted, while still learning watercolor (or any form of art). I don't do practice runs for paintings I have done and loaded up. I'm learning as I go and sharing things I find helpful in case others learning watercolor find any of what I share useful.

My practice portrait did not turn out to look identical to the reference photo, but it was a very good first run, at least to me. It is a victory when we do not give up and trash the painting, but work past ugly stages, work past areas that make us feel as if we really suck and stink at watercolor, and just keep going until it starts looking right to us. Never give up, never give in.

Before I started my watercolor not that long ago, I never would have made half of the paintings I painted. Just simple things in my safe zone, taking weeks to complete. I want you to feel good about getting past your level of comfort and trying things you don't think you can do so that you can show yourself that you can do it or learn a lot from the process, making you more confident. I never know how I'm supposed to start any painting I do. I just take a deep breath, pick a spot and go for it.

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