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DISCLOSURE and the United Nations Exposed
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Published 6 months ago |
DISCLOSURE and the United Nations Exposed! The UN and the "World's First UFO Landing Pad" revealed here! As a most excellent teacher does, Dave Hodges has reiterated time and again the Satanic nature of UFOs by repeatedly mentioning the Watchers revealed in the 1 Book of Enoch. In this video we see the UN world govt. Luciferian tie-ins exposed! This video of rare UFO research includes the Grand Opening of the "World's First UFO Landing Pad" and how the world and MSM made a big deal of it in this obscure Canadian town of 3,000 then... Today, as demonic entities are visually emerging around the world, the "hostile alien" excuse for uniting the world into a "world govt. only capable of dealing with these borderless concerns" is soon to emerge - as a global management-by-crisis ploy for world govt. to be headed by Antichrist - and as a smokescreen and cover for the prophesied Rapture (long before Darby who is erroneously blamed for the Rapture. This blaming on Darby is necessary to discredit the pre-Trib Rapture in order to pull off the "hostile alien abduction" excuse needed to pull together world govt - with this universal borderless "threat" world wide. The ever-lying MSM Fake News controlled by NWO technocratic elites will have a heyday with this...) UN "Peace Keeping" troops are ChiCom soldiers proclaimed by Soros as "The world's model nation for the NWO." Understand Communist China and their ChiCom "UN Peace Keepers" are very much tied in to Disclosure!
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