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How Jesuits and Vatican Rule the World
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Published 3 months ago |
It's almost time; you'll want to watch this all the way to the end
- Why the Catholics/Jesuits thrive in the CIA
- Jesuits control the CIA, NSA, British MI6 and Israeli Mossad, Australian ASIS, New Zealand NZSIS Canada CSIS to name just a few (aka "THE FIVE EYES"+)
- The Jesuits control the Freemasons, Scull & Bones, CFR, Bilderberg Group and all the other secret societies implanted in high places in every nation throughout the world.
- The Jesuits control world Governments, Media, Legal Systems, Social Media, Banking, Education Systems, Military, Fake Space Agencies, Industry, Entertainment and of course all the World Religions.
- The Vatican (aka Roman Catholic Church or "THE BEAST" system of Revelation) thinks to control the world via the SECRET SOCIETIES ensconced within the governments of the world - or how Revelation puts it, via "MYSTERY BABYLON"
- The one world religion is here NOW
- Who's laws do we follow? Yahweh's laws, specifically the one that says the sabbath is the seventh day or the law of the MAN who "sits in the church proclaiming he is god"(Pope claims this) who says that everyone is to WORK on the seventh day and rest on the first day?
- And the first ever Jesuit Pope sits on top of it all...
- 666 Revealed
- The enforcement of a Sunday LAW and the forbidding of keeping the seventh day sabbath IS the "mark of the beast" - it's about LAW and AUTHORITY, not microchips and vaccines (although you should realize that changing the DNA of your TEMPLE(body) is a sin that leads to damnation)
BilderbergCFRCIAFive EyesFreemasonsIntelligence CommunityJesuitsMI6Mystery BabylonNSANWORoman Catholic ChurchSecret SocietiesVatican

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