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The Enemy's Evil Plan Completely Exposed! ~ So Little Time ~ Will you heed the Warning?
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Published a month ago |
A plan that our enemy, Satan has been working on for centuries would seem to be ready for execution within the next week or two. The media which he uses as a predictive programming tool has shown us events that since the 1990's which are now happening before our eyes. This fact alone should have every person who considers the information in this video think twice about their understanding with regards to the Word of God, which instructs us to watch for the return of our Bridegroom and looking for events that are described in the Bible that would point us to our unification with our Savior.

There are many who will hold to their dogmas and views without looking carefully at what the Word of God says in which we see how a Pre-Tribulation Rapture is modeled after the harvest and Temple models that are given to us to understand this. If you have not considered these yet, you have very little time to do so and to be a Berean in this regard. A link is provided to a series below in which this is carefully laid out.

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