Situation Update, Jan 18, 2023 - Saudi Arabia to END dollar dominance in global oil trade - OPERATION SANDMAN activated!
43312 views • 01/18/2023

0:00 Intro

2:18 FAA

18:15 Davos WEF

20:08 Russia


51:10 Brian Festa

- Saudi Arabia declares willing to trade oil in currencies other than the dollar

- Operation Sandman has begun, and the dominoes will now begin to fall

- US dollar will head down path of hyper-devaluation as dollars flood back to the USA

- Those people left holding dollars instead of real assets will be wiped out

- Was the FAA subjected to a ransomware cyber attack that grounded all flights?

- The incompetent, illegitimate Biden regime can't protect America's infrastructure

- China already has a MAP of all cyber vulnerabilities across US infrastructure

- Russia preparing for major offensive against Ukraine and NATO targets

- Russia confirms it is facing an existential threat; will likely target NATO bases

- WEF leaders and attendees were likely told they might be targeted by missiles

- China set to coordinate cyber attacks with Russia's kinetic attacks

- The era of western dominance over the world is coming to an end

- Russia to boost standing army to 1.5 million troops - mobilization under way

- Western nations begin sending tanks to Ukraine

- Ukraine cannot effectively deploy COMBINED ARMS, so the tanks hardly matter

- The world of low cost consumer goods is OVER - global supply chains will crater

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