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Catherine Austin Fitts - Planet Lockdown
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Published 7 months ago |
Wardo-Rants - 3 Jan 2021

This is how a GATEKEEPER Works: I hate to say this, because she did drop some incredible truth-bombs, and she did show the horrible agenda ahead, that is, unless we stop it (my insertion). But… around 39:20 – 40:00, in speaking of those who are controlling the world, she’s asked by the interviewer “who” “they” are. Says it’s “the great mystery.” No naming names. She calls them “Mr. Global.” Then she smoothly steers the conversation toward “space.” Well, Catherine, it ain’t “space” that’s bombing people, and starving people, and enslaving people. It’s a person who pushes buttons, gives orders, steals money, wreaks destruction. So, no mention of the Rothschilds and the like, or of the Jewish Power structure, that is, the Jews in power, or Israel’s involvement in the surveillance of our entire world, or Israel’s dual citizens who’ve taken over our government. I just can’t accept her silence on this, especially when so many go the distance and live with their heads on the chopping block. People who guard the truth of who’s in charge are as bad as deserters who won’t fight when the fight is around them.

Then… around 44:35 she’s asked: “So what is the solution?” Her answer is “transparency, understand where the system is going, and then stop building it.” She wants everyone to “come clean.” No mention of the bloody fight that is ahead. She says, “It’s not them; it’s us.” Is she speaking to those who have helped advance the control grid? She certainly can’t be speaking to the American people who are scrambling just to get by. Blame is misplaced, even though we did let a lot of what’s happened happen, that’s no justification for shielding the monsters who have perpetrated the horror. And at the very end, she says that if we really want to know “who’s doing it” just read her book, “The State of Our Currencies,” as she holds it to the camera. Says, “It’s pretty obvious who’s doing this,” but she, as she told us earlier “can’t tell you.” I did not read the book, so I don’t know if it names names, but this 48 minute interview is making the rounds on the Internet and being hailed as breakthrough information. Am I too harsh? Anyone else feel thrown under the bus?
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