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Southern Star Trails Toroidal Hemisphere Explained [Focus Point Sigma Octantis]
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Southern Star Trails Toroidal Hemisphere Explained [Focus Point Sigma Octantis]

Flat Earth Dome Model
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The southern hemisphere stars rotations are a parabolic image of the moving northern hemisphere star rotation.

A south pole is merely a human construct. It is a mirrored north pole in a grid system. Any location in the southern hemisphere is relative to the observers zenith at that precise moment in time (90 degrees to his 180 degree 'arc of horizon' over him) centre of his lateral 360 degree arc of horizon all around him. You the observer are always the centre of the universe. The centre of earth (Arctic centre) is the hidden centre of our universe and man is a fractal of that place of creation, because that is where he is from. We are all projections out from centre earth, everything is !
North and south "poles" merely represent 'two directions' of earth's flowing magnetic field, one is out of the centre Arctic vortex and the other is merely that same field returning, both coming and returning to the place of our 'actual sun' hidden in the central vortex at the Arctic centre. The same place the black hole of creation is. The black hole and the sun are connected. The sun is stuck on the horizon of the black hole and moves around it, 360 degrees over 24 hours. We see its projected image as a secondary image in our physical, as a focal point in the plasma field.
Earth's magnetic field from the centre is not a parabolic reflection out to the south, only the appearance of the southern rotating stars.

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Star Rotations Of The Southern Hem... are the Northern Hem.. Stars

There Is No 'South Pole' It Is Merely a Returning North Pole.
Here is an interactive Flat Earth Model that can explain Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset, Moon Phases, Moon's apparent rotation, Sun's position on Equinox, Seasons, some aspects of Solar and Lunar Eclipses, Star trails, 24 hours Day/Night at the Northpole and Antarctica, Celestial Poles, why people south of the equator can see the same Stars rotate clockwise around a singe celestial pole at the same time at different continents.


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