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The Government is turning farmers into murderers. Yes. Murderers. It is true (see description)
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High Hopes
Published a month ago |
Jim Crenshaw.
If you are in the food business, you know what is being done. People will be starving in the not so far off future. If you are willingly destroying your food crops then you have joined the New World Order.

A pharmacist or a doctor giving a clot shot, a cop forcing people to wear masks, an educator forcing a child to wear a mask and a farmer destroying food are all the same to me. I look at anyone who is "going along to get along" or getting paid in any form as committing a crime. It may not be a "legally defined crime", but if it is a crime against our creator, humanity or is morally deficient, I see them all as murderers. I don't give a damn who you are, you are either part of the problem or you or not.

If you are not against them you are for them and a part of the mass genocide regardless of what part you play. Mr. Farmer you will have blood on your hands when people are starving to death so you could get a check from the murderous government. Warning people about what you are doing and smugly saying "stock up" will not wash the blood off your hands. That is what those that do evil would have someone say and do. I hope you choke on what you stockpile while others are starving so you could get some money. May God have mercy on you, as I will not.

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