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Urgent Warning For All Black Americans!
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Watchmen Incorporated
Published a year ago |

Urgent Warning For All Black Americans!  Soros is ready to pay your way back into Slavery!  Real Slavery!  Short-term gain for long-term pain! The $35 per hr. Soros checks, to be paid you to destroy America,  puts you on the Bolshevik-proxy level of BLM and Antifa!  Don't fall for it!  KNOW YOUR REAL DESTINY and let Black Babies grow up in REAL FREEDOM!  Let them read the History Books about YOU!  Don't be a draconian world govt. proxy fool!  KEEP YOUR FREEDOM AND DEFEND AMERICA!  You'll be glad you did!!!!!!!!!!!!  The hard core Communists are ready to Burn Down your Momma's church as they already did in Canada!  BUT YOU ARE STRONGER!  God has made YOU for this very hour to Defend American Freedom!  Or after the NWO uses you, they chew you up and spit you out and put you in a privatized prison, where foreign investors make money from your 21st-century slavery!  Is that what you want?  DEFEND AMERICAN FREEDOM!      

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