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BREAKING NEWS - Fighterjet F16 downed by Chinese Troops in Canada #Invasion to Honduran Carvan,China Flooding
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Published 2 years ago |
In this video, "cirstenw" plays (between 14:57- 24:00 minutes) the audio recording of Hal Turner's radio show which describes that an American F16 Fighting Falcon was downed after departing from Truax Air Field, the Air National Guard Base in Northern Madison, Wisconsin. The fighter jet then crashed in Michigan's upper peninsula. The FAA immediately placed high level air space restrictions over the area and the military told police and civilians to keep at least 4,000 feet from the crash site because the jet had "live military ordinance" on board. The media was reporting that the fighter jet crashed while participating in a training exercise. He goes on to explain anomalies and other possibilities around that "cover story".
Hal Turner then proceeds to describe a number of discrepancies in the military's cover story. Several hours later he later discovers that the Chinese Communist troops were making "incursions" into the continental Untied States from Canada using boats on Lake Superior and that the aircraft was hit by some type of ozonated weapon with possibly ionizing radiation.
Then the next morning, it was reported that an earthquake hit northwest from Robbinston, Main and registered 3.3 magnitude at 12:31am UTC (7:30p EST). But Hal Turner's intel informed him that it was NOT an earthquake, but a DUMB which was detonated into an underground facility that was housing upwards of 50,000 Chinese military troops. We are in grave danger according to Hal Turner.
The Hal Turner's audio from December 10, 2020:
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