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Stefan Molyneux
Published a year ago |
My name is Sophia and I am 20 years old. My perception of my family has shattered within the past year. It seems as though I am constantly uncovering more secrets, lies, and deception from the past and present as I continue to emerge in my adulthood. Sexual abuse, affairs, cults, abortions, suicide attempts, gaslighting, etc... the list goes on. I'm hesitant to bring my partner around my family as I do not want to invite him into this world of delusion. I am also chronically ill from a sickness my parents refused to acknowledge for a number of years (and still do to an extent). In the interest of keeping this email short and concise, I love listening to your show and would be immensely honored to have the privilege of receiving your wise insight. One last thing, did I mention my family are devout Christians!? Thank you for always posting thought provoking and, quite frankly, entertaining content.

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