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Canary Cry Radio đź“» Flat Earth & Scientism Exposed w/ Robbie Davidson
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Celebrate Truth
Published 6 months ago |
Originally uploaded to YouTube one May 12, 2017 with 9.4K views.
It was a great honor to be interviewed by Basil & Gonz on Canary Cry Radio. I've been a huge fan for years! Episode #117 Enjoy!

SCIENCE GOES BONKERS! The March for Science showed that many Americans blindly support “science” without thinking clearly about what it is and what it’s not. With priests like Bill Nye the Science Guy, Neil DeGrass Tyson, Richard Dawkins and many others, Science is preached as ultimate truth rather than a method of inquiry; hence Scientism. However, unbeknownst to advocates, not only has the fervor become religious but highly charged politically as a platform for Globalism and a New World Order!

Science is meant to be the practice to better understand the natural world. But when data becomes inflated, ignored, and tampered to uphold certain pillars of an established paradigm, it becomes less about what’s true about the nature of reality, and what’s beneficial to the controllers. To help us explore these ideas and concepts, we spoke to Robbie Davidson of the Celebrate Truth YouTube Channel. His goal for the channel is, “To promote God’s Truth and expose the world’s lies.” The premise by which he explores truth is affirming the question, “What if everything that NASA & Science has taught you about the earth, sun, moon, stars & space was a lie?”

While such possibilities seem wild and impossible, we have to remember that our knowledge is limited and finite. We truly are at the whim of the scientific dictatorship who feed us our modern cosmology. Anyone who challenges the status quo is deemed mad, yet, the advocates for the establishment are continuing to reveal weaknesses in philosophical and metaphysical coherence. It is why the Word of God must always be our guiding foundation for all knowledge and wisdom. Only through it, can we experience the joy of the Lord as we rejoice in His creation and His love for us demonstrated through the work on the cross!

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