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AO. MMS: The Glyphosate Problem and the Chlorine Dioxide Solution.
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Chlorine Dioxide DIY (MMS/CDS)
Published a year ago |
We now know that Glyphosate ("Roundup-brand" Poison Chemical) is everywhere in our daily lives. Scientific testing shows that we eat it in our foods, drink it in our liquids, and urinate it from our bodies. It is the single-most used chemical in all farming for food and cotton througout the world. In recent years, the research is showing how deeply this chemical is imbedded in our body and how the timing of its geometric gownth in us "correlates" perfectly with over 10 different health epidemics that began the 1990's. Gastrointestianl issues, Parkinsons disease, Altheimers, Autism, Kidney Failure, Obesity deaths and Liver failure are just a portion of these areas. Here, I outline the problem and then explain how Chlorine Dioxide plays a critical role in helping to Detox from this insidious chemical. Remember, you won't find this information in any medical manuals because Chlorine Dioxide is absolutly shunned in mainstream medical treatments. Its too inexpensive and easy to make and it won't make any big businesses a profit.

Stephanie Seneff's Webpage is FULL of her research and papers (Over 20 papers on Glyphosate alone):

Other Key Presentation on Glyphosate and Chlorine Dioxide as a treatment;v=x8DXNJcMOAU&feature=emb_logo&ab_channel=nunziocastiglioneyoutube

My favorite presentation so far by Seneff:
Chlorine DioxideDetoxGlyphosateGMOMMSProtein SynthesisRoundupToxicity

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