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Is it a Pathology to Enjoy Shopping?
Published 3 years ago
Psychiatrists say being angry, too much shopping/internet use are mental illnesses and want to tag/drug those “at risk”.
Updates to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) are prompting many to question whether or not the psychiatric profession itself has gone crazy.
The latest additions to the alleged “mentally ill” includes hoarders, people who get angry every now and again, lazy people, and even those who get outraged over things like sex and violence on television.
No one is saying that people don’t get depressed, sad, troubled, anxious, nervous or even act psychotic.
The question then is simple—is this due to some mental “disease” that can be verified as one would verify cancer or a real medical condition? The answer is no.
For example, can soldiers returning from war experience extreme and often debilitating stress? Yes.
It is something wrong with their brain? No.
It’s the horrors of war.
Can children become distracted and not pay attention? Since time immemorial, yes.
But psychiatry has pathologized childhood behaviors into a “mental illness.”
The same is true of mothers.
Can a new mother become distraught after a joyous occasion such as the birth of a child? Yes.
Is it a brain abnormality or mental disease? No.
And is the most humane solution to put these people on drugs documented by international regulatory agencies to cause mania, psychosis, worsening depression, heart attack, stroke, sudden death? Or for new or nursing mothers to risk birth defects or damage to their infants from being prescribed such powerful drugs?
Psychiatric diagnoses are simply lists of behaviors that psychiatrists have compiled into little lists, given a name, added “disorder” on the end—then voted them into their billing bible, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) as “legitimate.”
This is big, big business, but it isn’t even close to legitimate diagnoses.
Not in any medical or scientific context.
But in a profit making context?
Yes—coming up with new lists of behaviors and new “disorders” is the bedrock of the multi-billion dollar psychiatric/pharmaceutical industry. Its how they get paid.
Remember, no psychiatric label, no billing insurance.
No psychiatric label, no drug prescribed.
So until we stop using these psychiatric labels, which mean nothing other than what some psychiatrists decided was a mental “illness,” we will never stop the “stigma.”
The psychiatric labels are backed by corporate interests—not medicine, and not science.

Knowing nothing about the mind, the brain, or about the underlying causes of mental disturbance, psychiatry still sears the brain with electroshock, tears it with psychosurgery and deadens it with dangerous drugs.
“CCHR is calling on anyone whose family member or friend has been the victim of dangerous psychiatric drug prescription practices or electroshock and other brain-intervention psychiatric therapies; sexual assault, billing fraud, negligence or any other crime or abuse committed in the mental health system to contact CCHR.”
CCHR created the psychiatric drug side effects search engine to provide the public with easily understandable information on the documented risks of psychiatric drugs.
It is provided as a free public service by CCHR International:
Your search will yield a summary of the following three different sources of data on documented psychiatric drug risks:

1. International drug regulatory warnings.
2. Studies published in worldwide medical journals.
3. Adverse reaction reports filed with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration between 2004-2012, by doctors, pharmacists, health care providers, attorneys and consumers.
Only by providing all the facts about the risks of psychiatric treatment can we possibly reduce the number of victims who unfortunately learn this truth through personal tragedy.
CCHR provides information that psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies do not want you to know.
By educating yourself with the facts about psychiatry, you will have the information you need to never become a victim of this vicious pseudo-science.

Report Adverse Reactions to Psychiatric Drugs

Report Psychiatric Abuse — It’s a Crime

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