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Becoming a Demanding Patient and Health Freedom Advocate
Published 6 months ago

Becoming a Demanding Patient and Health Freedom Advocate

Charles Frohman - M.Ed & HIA, Forbes-featured cash patient-maker and health freedom lobbyist



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After Hillary tried in 1993 to shove everyone into an HMO and use Medicare price controls to cap national health market expenditures, Mr. Frohman and his fellow Republican congressional staffers had to learn an alternative in a hurry.  Educated by a patient empowerment scholar who later featured his health plan in the 2019 edition of Forbes magazine, Charles’ later lobbying experience introduced him to health corruption via the capture of the regulators by the very companies they inspect.  It’s not enough, then, to become an empowered patient; one also must disrupt the cartel’s gaming of the system at the expense of our health.

For six years Frohman has sold the Obamacare insurance alternative not just to make money, but rather as a political act to make patients do the price-sensitive shopping if we want to improve the market.  He’s also lobbying for a health freedom organization that has been helping maverick healers and opposing regulatory capture since 1955.  He would like everybody to become empowered patients and demanding health freedom advocates.

Families and business owners seeking better Open Enrollment solutions need to watch Charles’ lesson on how to escape choice-limiting NETWORKS and lower OUT OF POCKET expenses.  Given the Covid tyranny we just experienced and the additional threats to health, privacy, and independence heading our way from the cartels, we need Americans also to roll up their sleeves to demand better from their politicians.

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