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What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #236
Published 3 years ago
Date: 2020-08-23

Topics: Questions & Clarifications Part 5, ARK 2.0 is finally here, WOEIH is transitioning its material off YouTube and onto LBRY, People in the Truth Movement should de-monetize their YouTube channels and stop taking YouTube's BLOOD MONEY, Most humans don't want to rock the boat and so they will never tell others around them that they are immoral people, the Unloved and Loveless pathetic excuses for human beings who work for Big Tech and the Mainstream Media, Human Beings are enslaving themselves by complying, Freemasonic lodges are largely corrupted and no longer in tune with the teachings of true esoteric Freemasonry, Transitioning properly to Plant-Based Nutrition, Every human being can eat a plant-based diet, When injections become mandatory WAR must begin, Kingship Rulership Government are all euphemisms for SLAVERY, Courage grows out of high-level Knowledge, the Q-Anon Psyop, Trump is not a savior, Turn the other cheek does NOT mean "Do not resist" but instead to keep giving the Truth to those who need to receive it, Are super right-brain people who have fallen for Religious programming dead or redeemable?, Morgellons disease is possibly a nano-tech bio-weapon, If you get offended at being told you're not doing enough, just put your name through a search engine and look at how much work you've released publicly, Go back and listen through all the WOEIH episodes from Episode 1, Intrinsic Value and what it REALLY IS, Humanity is entering a period of abject Slavery, Review of the Triune Brain Complexes, People are not truly receiving the message to get involved and take action, Mark probably taking a hiatus from live broadcasting, Those who complain or nitpick should ask: "What the fuck have YOU done?"

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