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Vaxx Blackout 8.2 | Who's Truth Is True?
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Published 4 months ago |
Vaxx Blackout 8.2 | Who's Truth is True?

🌐 Waning 2-Dose and 3-Dose Effectiveness of mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19–Associated Emergency Department and Urgent Care Encounters and Hospitalizations Among Adults During Periods of Delta and Omicron Variant Predominance —
VISION Network, 10 States, August 2021–January 2022 ... MMWR and Morbidity and Mortality ...

🌐 Natural immunity more potent than vaccines during US Delta wave: ...
During America’s last surge of the coronavirus driven by the Delta variant, people who were unvaccinated but survived Covid were better protected than those who were vaccinated and not previously infected, a new study said Wednesday.

🌐 Harvard Study Explodes Myths About ‘Vaccines’ Stopping the Spread – But It’s Even Worse Than That.

🌐 Doctor Says Fully Vaccinated People Are Going to Test Positive ...
As the highly-contagious omicron variant quickly spreads across the country, a respiratory specialist says Americans should expect to see more breakthrough cases of COVID-19 in fully vaccinated people.

🌐 Israeli study shows natural immunity delivers 13 times more protection than vaccines
CDC study on natural immunity has different conclusion
(It doesn't support their business model or health)

🌐 Why doesn’t natural immunity matter in the USA?
Evidence is mounting that natural immunity is at least as protective as vaccination. Yet public health leadership says everyone needs the vaccine. Jennifer Block investigates When the vaccine rollout began

🌐 Study: Natural Immunity Effective at Preventing Severe Reinfection ...
The best public and private policies toward vaccines would be to encourage people to receive protection -- but eschew coercion.

🌐 CDC Confirms They Have No Recorded Case of Someone Who Has Natural Immunity Getting Reinfected
Dr. Sebastian Rushworth, a physician in Stockholm, discussed in an article a recent Swedish study to determine how effective the Covid injections are at protecting against Covid after more than a few months. In total, 1,684,958 individuals were included in the study.

"Truth is a funny thing...
Does it live in the world Or in the mind?
Is it constant Or can it be bent?
Who decides what is truth?
In this universe of light and dark,
There is no greater power!"
-The Witch Queen

☕ Perhaps a conundrum for some (if you know not Christ). But man "solved it," you are your own truth, survival based on whoever pinnacles power. Then gets to decide who is essential and who dies.
Historically it is a pattern that runs through, but does it deliver truth?
(When deception, lies, and force are used)
(When lockdown, masking, and mandates are the rule
and freedoms are abused)
The method matters.

• Owen Shroyer
• Harrison Smith

• Senator Cassidy
• FL Governon Ron Desantis
• CDC Director Rochelle Walensky

• Stew Peters

UK Health Security Agency Covid Vaccine Data
• Prof. Cyrille Cohen
• UnHerd's host Freddie Sayers

Summit news
• Paul Joseph Watson
• Alex Jones

Belgian Virus Expert and Scientist
• Dr. Greet Camden Bossche
• Del Bigtree

• Pastor Steve Anderson

⏯️ Misc Media
• Destiny 2 | The Witch Queen
• The Dark Crystal
• The Dark Crystal| The Age of Resistance

🎹 Music
• Vaxx that thing up
• Release the Kracken
• Come Down From Your Tower
• Watch out for 666

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