A School Principal Who Never Closed His Students' School
345 views • 11/17/2022

Mike Fairclough is the only British educator who has taken a stand against the COVID "vaccination" of children.  This makes him my hero!  I told him on the air that he may have saved more lives of children than the combined efforts of the National Health Service (NHS) of his country.  You will love this man and be inspired by him.  

As principal of an elementary school, Mike Fairclough also keep his school open, never completely shutting its doors, while working through with parents what each family needed, especially during the early days of the pandemic lockdown.

We have a heartfelt conversation about "doing what right" and how that should be normal.  We shared our ideas about children, who they are, what they are essentially like, and what happens to them growing up.  His stories about himself led me and Ginger to talk openly about our own growing up years and I think anyone listening to this show is likely, as we did, to get a better understanding of themselves on the journey from childhood to adulthood.  

One of our personally favorite shows.   His book is Wild Thing: Embracing Childhood Traits in Adulthood for a Happier, More Carefree Life. 


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