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Killer Nurses: We Stayed For The Paycheck
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The Prisoner
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Published 2 years ago
On today’s episode of the Dr. Jane Ruby Show, Dr. Jane rips off the proverbial bandaid of America’s death hospitals that would not be able to successfully kill everyone in their path without the help and compliance of nurses, the primary professional health care provider class charged by oath and ethics to be the red line between patient rights, well being and protection.

Nurses that stayed in Big Healthcare like hospitals and other corporate driven medical facilities have de facto abdicated their precious oath of ethics according to the American Nurses’ Association Code and by ditching The Nightingale Pledge, the oath of practice upon graduating from training. And the only way to truly understand the new Pfizer March 1st file leak is to understand the legal pathway and processes for getting to the LEGAL STATUS OF SAFE AND EFFECTIVE. Dr. Jane reveals HOW the FDA committed fraud, domestic terrorism and premeditated murder.

And, tired of watching your Federal tax dollars fund bioweapon labs working to kill you? Don’t miss her last segment with a legal expert who can help. WITH Promo Code: RUBY

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