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WATCH this Yogi Jew make his SHAMELESS plug for the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ
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Published 2 years ago
Clip from the 6/25 show. I recommend everyone read the Book of John (Saint) out loud to yourself. It's the best way for anyone to begin the inquiry into whether or not you might want to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and ask to be saved. The soul is eternal. The body is not. This is why the issue of saving your eternal soul is important.

With so much focus on fear of death in the media, the answer is in Christ, Jesus, and the eternal nature of our soul. The important thing is what happens AFTER you die, not how much stuff you have while you're still here. Life is just a visit. Death of the body will lead to one of two things: either the eternal damnation of your soul, or salvation of your eternal soul. There is no in between. And the ticket to salvation is belief in Jesus Christ, and in his death, burial, and resurrection.

Even as a Jew, and a devout Yogi, it became clear to me in the past year that there is, indeed, a Great Spiritual War being waged in full force right now, by people seemingly driven to destroy God. Otherwise why would anyone close churches and ban group worship and choir singing, yet leave open liquor stores and strip clubs as "essential businesses?" When that started happening, an alarm rang in the very depths of my being, and I woke up from a great deep slumber.

I realized if there is a war on God happening, and yes there is, then now is the time to choose sides, and be either with Jesus, or against him.

I chose Jesus and I keep choosing Jesus. (Who would want to be against Jesus?)

For me, reading the Book of John (Saint) out loud to myself was the beginning of the true great awakening.

Pretty sure it can be that for others as well, and so this is why I talk about Jesus a lot now at the closing comments of most of my livestreams.

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