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Why It's Better to Be Awake than Happy Right Now
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Published 2 years ago
Would you rather be awake and alive, or happy and asleep? Many of us were taught to base life decisions on what makes us happy. Yet, choosing to be much more “awake” right now might have a bigger payoff.

For example, what if we are going through an ascension process right now? Maybe all these intense world situations are to help us learn specific lessons that will help us ascend into a golden age. So, if you remain blissfully ignorant, you might miss the boat.
03:30 – Happiness based on external reality is always accompanied by fear of losing it
06:30 – Thoughts are ‘things’
13:00 – Are you truly inspired by the choices you’re making right now or not?
24:30 – How to tell if you’re on an ascending or descending timeline


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