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Valérie Plante mayor of Montreal under allegations of misappropriation of funds, to defund the police
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Hans Trooper
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Published 7 months ago

Her feminist agenda and administration, has been under another news coverage, because of the incredible rise in crime and violence in Montreal, coinciding with her two tenure in office as mayor of Montreal. Madame Plante shows herself angry to have to answer to very normal and important questions, concerning the unnacounted funds that the Montreal police did not receive. Funds that were supposed to be allocated to the Montreal police, but somehow got lost, or unnacounted for, while crime in the Montreal metropolitan area has risen 500% increase,  since madame Plante is mayor of Montreal.

The murders in Montreal have risen so much, that they are now almost triple, what they were before Madame Plante became the mayor of Montreal.

Let's hope that madame plante is not re-elected a third time, and also let's go vote in mass, to make sure she is not re-elected, she is a dangerous woman, and she's having many Montreal citizens get hurt, and get murdered, because of her feminist, and globalist policies.

Comment written by me ; Hans Trooper

And to the moderators of Brighteon ; even if you change the category of my video, I will change it right back to the category I chose for my video, which is Politics and current events, which is the appropriate category.

Comment written by me ; Hans Trooper

And to the angry feminists and the stupid femboys who support them, I don't read any comments that you may write in the comments section of my videos, nor any other comments for that matter, so get lost.

Comment written by me ; Hans Trooper


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