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the chase scene from Maniac (2012)
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In Postmodern Los Angeles, three long-legged ladies make their way through the early evening streets of downtown after a long day at a dance studio. This trio parts company at the local subway station, and heads their separate ways.
But unbeknownst to them, a deranged person has been shadowing them all this time. And he has now placed all his focus on the pretty blond girl, clad in a flowery blouse, leather hot pants, and high-heeled sandals. Riding the train home alone, the pretty girl finally notices this stranger. The way he stares at her with such intensity, it was as if his deep blue eyes were looking right through to her very soul. Holding this strange man's complete and undivided attention made her feel extremely uncomfortable.
So much so, that she chooses to leave the train before reaching her destination. Unfortunately, This pretty girl has just made a fatal error. Out of the corner of her eye, the girl sees the strange man exit the train as well. he then says to her in a shallow whisper, “ ‘oh, you're so beautiful.’ “
The pretty girl is not at all flattered by this comment. Instead, she becomes terrified to the point where she precedes to run away. But the girl quickly realizes that there are only two people at this location, herself and the stranger following her.
Reaching the Mezzanine level of this station, the pretty girl confronts the Stranger, at a distance, demanding that he leave her alone. But She is so consumed by fear, that she doesn't wait for a response. The blonde girl then took off towards the exit, running as if all the devils in hell were chasing after her. Throughout that vacant subway station, the frantic clicking of her heels and the Stranger’s heavy footfall is the only thing heard.
The blonde girl escapes into the empty city streets, before ducking down an alleyway with the stranger in hot pursuit. The pretty girl heads into a fenced-in parking lot only to quickly discover that she has made a foolish mistake. An impenetrable steel fencing surrounds the lot's perimeter, and the way she came in is the only way out. Scared and alone, the pretty girl wanders about unsure what to do when she notices that the stranger has disappeared. Believing that he gave up his pursuit of her, the beautiful girl goes back the way she came. However, she finds that the entrance gate is shut and a metal bar has been jammed from the inside to prevent an easy exit. Angry, frustrated, and scared, this young lady doesn't understand how close death is to her.
Suddenly, the Stranger surreptitiously attacks the pretty girl by reaching out from underneath one of the parked cars and slicing her Achilles tendon. Hobbled and unable to flee the blonde girl cries for mercy that will not come. Standing before her, the Stranger brutally, and mercilessly slashes and stabs her to death. This Insane man then takes a souvenir from this homicide in the form of this girl’s severed scalp.
If only this girl had stayed on the train, and use the cell phone in her bag to call for help. Oh well, c'est la vie.

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