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Codex Sinaiticus - Legitimate or Forgery - The Suspects - Short
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Published 3 years ago
Is Codex Sinaiticus legitimate or a forgery? This single page of newly discovered newspaper evidence changes everything!

Starting in 1881, Westcott & Hort abandoned the traditional text and created a new Greek text, which relied heavily upon newly discovered Codex Sinaiticus by Dr. Constantine Tischendorf, along with previously discovered Vaticanus and Alexandrinus (both containing similar text to the Sinaiticus). Westcott & Hort's new Greek text became the Greek Nestle-Aland and UBS textbooks used by most Catholic and Protestant translators today. This new text caused translators to doubt God’s preserved words and doctrine, resulting in Bibles translated after 1881 to contain thousands of changes from the traditional text, including the removal of Mark 16:9-20 & John 7:53-8:11. (Also see ‘Westcott and Hort - Occultists or Christians - You Decide’ linked here:

Is Codex Sinaiticus Authentic? Is the Sinaiticus a fraud? Some great scholars have looked into this, but they have often approached this topic by analyzing and comparing the Sinaiticus manuscripts, versus scrutinizing the Sinaiticus eye witness testimony.

Some have asked the question, what is the plausibility of Simonides writing the Sinaiticus – and why.

Others have asked the question, “Is the World’s Oldest Bible a Fake?”

New evidence to Codex Sinaiticus is now available! After searching evidence for Sinaiticus being a forgery in old newspaper archives, important information about the authenticity of Sinaiticus has come to light from two unlikely sources.

All of the below information is contained within the new free single page chart, which also contains scans of the referenced newspaper articles with the pertinent information underlines in red. This provides quick validation of Codex Sinaiticus information, being able to read the evidence for or against the Sinaiticus in its original context to make up your own mind.

First, in the newspaper archives, we find that Dr. Constantine Simonides confessed to forging Codex Sinaiticus! You probably didn’t know Simonides confessed to forging the Sinaiticus huh. Some have asked the question, “does Constantine Simonides exist?” And have also asked the question, was Constantine Simonides able to forge the Sinaiticus? Some modern scholars have asked two important questions about forging Codex Sinaiticus. 1) Did Simonides have the skills to create a good forgery? 2) How could Simonides fool the experts in manuscripts and for long? These are all great questions, which are answered in the free downloadable Page Briefing called Codex Sinaiticus: Legitimate or Forgery? The Suspects.

The short answer to the above questions is as follows. Dr. Constantine Simonides did certainly exist since numerous newspapers spoke of him across multiple countries, and Simonides himself wrote to the papers to debate the authenticity of the Sinaiticus Codex. Simonides was highly skilled. Dr. Constantine Simonides worked since childhood in a print shop reproducing ancient documents, and by age 14, Simonides was employed as a printing professional. Constantine Simonides was highly trained in paleographical methods, ancient Greek, Syriac, Coptic, and more. Simonides was also a calligraphist. Dr. Constantine Simonides was a sought-after expert. Constantine Simonides was even the head of a university paleographical committee to examine antiquities. Dr. Constantine Simonides even worked with Dr. Constantine Tischendorf. For those who don’t know Tischendorf was the alleged discoverer of Codex Sinaiticus. Constantine Simonides successfully fooled professionals across the world for years with previous fraudulent manuscripts, with some only being discovered as forgeries as a result of a chemical ink test being conducted on the manuscripts. By the young age of 35, Simonides had made dupes of the most distinguished scholars in the world, and yet the newspapers report that even when Simonides was arrested he was immediately released for some unknown reason and Constantine Simonides was never prosecuted. Perhaps Dr. Constantine Simonides had friends in high places, but his luck ran out when he publicly announced to the newspapers that he would prove that he was involved with the creation of Codex Sinaiticus. Before Dr. Simonides could prove his involvement with Codex Sinaiticus he died under unusual circumstances. This is only the beginning.

This video description is not to be taken as scholarly or perfectly written (I make mistakes like everyone else).

For the full details and the references that you can very easily check out for yourself and share, re-post, link to, print, and handout, please see

Watch the full lecture series here;list=PL0qwkdBdTcQ9r4QG2XyrqCSDo9l9b0t3Z&index=1
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