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Published a year ago

Hello Friends! On March 18-19, 2023, I will be having my 9th Annual Galactic Wisdom Conference! The Conference will by Zoom, and we will have some the world’s most incredible and amazing scientists, film makers, spiritual healers, and others, to share ancient wisdom -- see & Speakers include:

(a) Dr. Gerald Pollack, Famous Water Scientist and the discoverer of the 4th Phase of Water from the University of Washington, Seattle,

(b) Tom Paladino, Scalar Energy Healer,

(c) Pia and Cullen Smith with Pleadian messages from Laarkmaa,

(d) Emmanuel Itier, Famous French Hollywood Spiritual Film Director,

(e) Samuel Chong, with the truly amazing and incredible ET Thiaooubia prophecy,

(f) Suzy Smith, a fantastic spiritual healer,

(g) Alfred Lambremont Webre, an incredible lawyer and futurist,

(h) Dr. Angel Fernandez, spiritual leader with the 1A1 Foundation,

(i ) Suzie Ward with incredible Messages from Matthew,

(j) Carolyn White, an incredible aura reader and psychic medium,

(k) Judy Cali, one of America’s best psychics,

(l) Dr. Christopher Macklin, a wonderful spiritual healer, and

(m) Dr. Michelle Peal, N.D., wonderful healer!

(n) Jesse Hal, The Missing Link, Calgary, Alberta,

(o) Professor Ervin Laszlo, World famous scientist and philospher!

(p ) Myself, Ted Mahr, on our bright, beautiful future!


We will also be doing a fund raiser for clean water for the beautiful Hopi and Navajo Indians with myself and Leon McLaughlin (Washington Clean Water Foundation), Nancy Rivard (Airline Ambassadors), Carolyn White (Emoto Peace Project), Charlie Cardinal (Wonderful Musician who composed a really beautiful song dedicated to Dr. Masaru Emoto), and myself (Ted Mahr, EPP)! Men on the Hopi Indian Reservation only live to 44 years, and women only live to 53 years because of radiation and arsenic polluted water, but we can change that and help them with getting clean water! see:

I hope you can all attend! Ted, Host, Out of this World Radio and Galactic Wisdom Conference. Email: [email protected] Phone 1 888 879 8339

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