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Live Chat with Paul; -175- UFO dramarama + vid analysis + Space News and more!
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Published 21 days ago

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Topics with Chapters (TimeStamps)

(0) complete after the show! its Live unscripted!

(rough time locations)

[00:00:00] (1) Gen Chat and wait for people to join the live show

[00:01:00] (1b) Coming Up! UFO cults are real + Space News + uap vid analysis etc

[00:02:00] (1c) dot dot dot - Paul checks the streams and bits

runs into multistream setup issues to start with!!

[00:12:27] (1d) Accidental recap clip of Special Live episode

days before as Paul tries to figure out which browser is playing

it in the setups!

[00:31:30] (1e) Paul finally has it all working and does 5 free GIFTS

[00:33:20] (2) Topic Begins = Strange Comment on todays queued show

on Gab.. What the Hell it mean? almost like Alien Code?

[00:35:35] (3) Voyager 1 and 2 News

[00:42:58] (4) Latest UFO drama - Corbell has a cult Army whos weaponized

to go and harass UFO debunkers? and more!

[00:53:00] (4b) Skim video on UFO religion in congress

[01:18:00] (5) Planet X News under review - comment on his SOHO

circle claims

[01:33:00] (6) Side Tracked- Paul mentions climate science debate and misleading charts

based on MODELs not realtime data!

[01:36:00] (7) Resume Science of Planet X and what are the truth bits!

[01:42:20] (7b) Could Mayans Incas or Aztecs have see this planet X 10000 years ago?

as a small bright dot looking like a Star ,moving across the sky?

[01:47:00] (7c) What did the Mayans use to build Sandstone or Limestone. Paul investigates!

[01:49:20] (7d) Limestone used on the Great Pyramids

[02:00:00] (7e) Paul plugs BBC Docu Series CONNECTIONS with James Burke

[02:08:00] (8) Secureteam10 is a hoaxer using the same

SOHO sphere artifact but this time not planet X but motherships!

[02:18:00] (9) Alien Abduction claims Examine - What do the skeptics

write it OFF as?

[02:36:20] (10) What drugs cause Visions and should be

documented for ERT alien cases!

[02:54:10] (11) Opiate hallucinations

[03:02:00] (12) Weed Cannabis visions psychosis and more! and why could

account for some false alien contact claims!

[03:09:00] (13) DMT and Pinal Gland claims.. Can Humans make DMT in

own body which could cause alien visions? Paul Investigates!!

Paul warps up for the night....

cheers Paul.

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