5614 views • 06/09/2022

Language is very important. As we communicate with each other the words we choose must abide by the laws of reality and reality must receive it’s life breath from objective truth. Objective truth is what “truly” unifies us all no matter our ethnicity, gender (of which there are only two), and economic status. So if your goal is to divide, if your goal is to confuse, if your goal is to reshape reality, then your first stop will be “words”. You will reject what is objective and embrace what is subjective. You weaponize language to render rational communication unsustainable. The ultimate goal is to reshape reality into a version that allows you to live as you see fit regardless of the consequences demanded by the objective reality you refuse to acknowledge. The issue here is that we all suffer these consequences even those of us who reject the lie and embrace natural law. The truly good, the truly inclusive, the truly loving , the truly benevolent brothers and sisters are cast out and discriminated upon and aggressed upon for the sin of following truth instead of accepting this new god of self - this new reality. The concept of ‘climate change’ is a perfect example of this revisionist strategy meant to divide and ultimately conquer what is true and what is just. When these evil worshipers of the self say, “climate change”, what they mean is ‘climate alarmism”. What they want is for decent people to be so stricken with terror that they turn away from truth and embrace the new gods. And they are the new gods. This is not hyperbole, the members of the World Economic Forum refer to themselves as ELITES and everyone else as HOMOSAPIEN. By their own choice of words in this perverted reality they want to bring to fruition, they’re not even a part of the human race, they sit above. So certain are they that they are the chosen people, they feel no need to hide their intentions from the rest of us plebeians. In fact, what confuses them the most, is why any of us, the unworthy, are opposing them in the first place. So understand, objectively speaking, there is no such thing as climate alarmism. There is no settled science that supports climate alarmism. Climate alarmist have been repeatedly incorrect with their predictions yet demand that we all sacrifice our quality of life to stave off the coming apocalypse that never seems to happen when they say it will. And not one of these experts can quantify the impact, the human race as a whole, has had on the global environment and if you are unable to accurately quantify the problem, then how can you, with certainty, quantify the solution?


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