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Exploring American Foundations Episode 1: The Declaration of Independence
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Published 3 years ago
This first episode in Exploring American Foundations is simply a reading of the Declaration of Independence. Subsequent episodes will look into the history between the English Colonies and Great Britain, emphasizing the efforts of the colonists over a decade to bring reconciliation short of rebellion and dissolution of the political ties with the mother country. That history will be presented in the context of the text itself, going through section by section, and even line by line.

American Foundations investigates the founding documents of the United States of America, looking into their history, content, intent, meaning, and applicability to the present. The goal is to acquaint viewers with the godly principles and motivations of our Founders, and provide resources for further study. Citizens so informed will be better able to understand the present circumstances in our country and take part in the processes to restore the Republic. As this series includes investigation of the Biblical underpinnings of the Founders’ worldview and how they applied that worldview to the governing documents they created, viewers will be equipped to investigate how these American principles of government might have a place in the global Kingdom of our God and His Messiah.

Every American should have a copy of the Declaration and the Constitution to read and study. Free copies are available from many sources, such as this one:

For an excellent introduction to study of our foundations, download The 1776 Report by The President's Advisory 1776 Commission at this link:
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