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Birx, Redfield, etc, liable for crimes against humanity, and they were playing God!
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The Real Dr Judy
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Published 15 days ago

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Alex Jones: Well, that's my next question. What do you make of Redfield, all of them? They're all running for the exits, what's happening?

Dr Judy Mikovits: They're liable for crimes against humanity, because when all liability was removed from pharma, it was placed right on HHS. Deborah Birx and Robert Redfield experimented on the military with an HIV vaccine. They took out adenine deaminase, the pathways! Well, we protected those pathways according to God, because God gave us everything we need! Clean house at the EPA, the FDA, the CDC! They colluded!

Alex Jones: and they're trying to play God!

Dr Judy Mikovits: They can't because we're not our DNA. We're our chromosomes. It's our primary defense. We're our chromosomes and they can't hack us and they know it. They failed in COVID. So all we have to do is protect the most vulnerable, no more injections ever. And immunization. We've got to immunize and we can do it orally.

Inforwars, May 11, 2024

Full interview on InfoWars with Alex Jones with guest Dr Judy Mikovits, PhD:

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