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How to Have an Argument in 20 Minutes or Less
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Published 2 years ago |
How to Have an Argument in 20 Minutes or Less

Presented by The Social Intelligence Report: Illuminating Social Intelligence in the Mind.

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Video transcript:
Think about these 2 scenarios: 1, you live with your ex and sometimes get into arguments before work. 2, interactions with customers can get out of hand and their issues need to be resolved quickly and efficiently. Welcome to the social Intelligence Report, in this episode we'll look at how to have an argument in 20 minutes or less.

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1) LISTEN - There's no better way to drag out an argument than by not listening. Both sides have to be willing to listen in order to understand the issue at hand.

2) EMPATHIZE - Empathy is a feeling that is often over looked but carries tremendous weight. When you can put yourself in someone else's position it is easier to be understanding of their point of view.

3) ALLOW ROOM FOR GROWTH - Nobody likes arguing however, sometimes disagreements do occur. As adults we have to learn to look at these disagreements in a positive light rather than negative, because they are opportunities to learn and understand a new point of view.

4) STAY RELEVANT - Past issues often times come up in arguments. We need to be able to decipher which issues are relevant to the current argument taking place. Once too many issues are introduced, one or both sides may begin to lose sight of why the argument began in the first place. Only focus on the factors that can currently benefit the argument.

5) SPEAK - Once you have a clear understanding of the issue, you can share your point of view and feelings regarding it. Be sure to be straight forward and to the point about your feelings in order to fully communicate your perspective.

6) BE PREPARED TO AGREE TO DISAGREE - Sometimes we are unable to come to a conclusion within a given amount of time. As long as both sides have an understanding of each other and have been able to express their feelings it is reasonable to still have different view points.

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