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Let The Hunger, But Mainly Death, Games Begin!
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The Dollar Vigilante
Published 3 months ago |

Your government loves you! To prove this, the UK has a new Prime Murderer to help along rocketing energy prices and inflation. The US has a new 6-in-1 Covaids booster to take care of stubborn survivors. In China, you can now snort your vaxx. And, Germany is rolling out the mask militia. Hold onto your toilet paper, ‘cause the shit show is on repeat. 

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Russian Sanctions: 

BBC show where you can win 1,000 pounds or your electricity bill paid for 4 months... caller is like "my energy bills are killing me" and cheers to win getting his bill paid!:

Watch Liz Truss' acceptance speech as she wins the Tory leadership contest and is named next Prime Minister.: 

Liz Truss - UK’s new bimbo prime murderer:

Back in 2020 at the height of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, Hunger Games producer John Paul Rice went on the record in a short video exposing the fact that Hollywood is infested with elite psychopathic pedophiles:

Pedo Hitler cartoon parody:

“Do you know how much we reduced the deficit this year?” - how much retededuadefash this year? 1 trillion 500 thousand - Pedo Hitler is just as much of a blathering idiot as his press secretary:

Pedo Hitler says he has been fighting pharma for his whole career, and “we finally beat pharma”:

this is too hilarious!  'we've got so much of you' (many btw)

Moderna aims to give investors extra boost with 6-in-1 superjab:

If you catch a flight to China you can skip the jab and snort your COVID booster (Chinese Vaccine Manufacturer CanSinoBIO's Inhaled COVID-19 Vaccine Receives Emergency Use Approval in China):

Some Chinese people had to sleep on the streets yesterday in Shenzhen because they missed a PCR test therefore their QR codes would not let them in their buildings:

The German army will assist law enforcement starting Oct. 1, possibly resulting in platoons patrolling the streets and coinciding with the return of mask mandates — for the unvaccinated only:

Liz Truss promises a "bold plan" to cut taxes and ‘freeze energy bills for homes and businesses within days’ as she becomes next prime minister:


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