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New Video Emerges of the Nashville 'Missile' Strike: Where is the 'Exploding' RV at Ground Zero?
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Published 3 years ago
You can already see that Obama has his Operatives 'crew' back with the latest False Flag that they are trying to stage on us. One thing that I will give Trump credit with - is the low amount of hoaxes and false flags that happened under his Presidency. Under Obama it was getting to be quite silly with the amount of Shooting Hoaxes that happened under his watch. Almost one a week to push the Gun Control Agenda. Trump was welcomed into office in October 2017 with the Las Vegas Shooting Psyop and now it looks like the Deep State are setting him up with this false flag on his way out the door (even though I believe that he is staying put in the White House on January 20th.) This RV Explosion Hoax in Nashville is already getting my back-up as these Obama Deep State hold outs are trying to sell us on this Explosion happening with a 63 year old dude being the master mind behind a copycat style Oklahoma City Bombing. I guess that I will be exposing this False Flag Psyop for the next two days, but I do really want to tell you that Adam Schiff was arrested at LAX on Christmas Eve for pedophilia and maybe even child murder?

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