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Shatavia Walls was under federal protection at one point, she ended up dead, NYC, Eric Adams
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Published 2 years ago
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A Brooklyn woman has been hunted down and executed by members of a New York City gang who she testified against four years ago.

Shatavia Walls, 33, was shot dead in the Louis H. Pink Houses, a housing authority complex, in East New York, on July 7. She died of her injuries in the hospital on July 17.

Prosecutors say she was targeted by four members of the Ninedee Gang, which operates out of the housing complex.

Walls had testified about being shot earlier this year by members of the gang in a different incident which she survived.

According to federal prosecutors, that testimony put a target on her back; in the months that followed, the gang posted flyers of her in Brooklyn - including in the apartment building - labeling her a 'rat'.

Walls was walking on a path near the building on July 7 when she was ambushed.

A newly-unsealed indictment names Quintin Green aka Wild Child, 20, Chayanne Fernandez aka White Boy, 21, Maliek Miller aka Leak, 27, and Kevin Wint, aka Kev G, 27, as her killers.

Wint, aka Kev G, is an amateur rapper who posts about the gang on social media and in music videos.

According to prosecutors, Walls was first shot by a Ninedee member in 2017, and appeared as a federal witness in a subsequent 2019 court case into that shooting.

At the time of her testimony, she faced public humiliation in her building after gang members posted flyers that labeled her a 'rat' throughout the complex.

Matters came to a head on July 4 2020, when Walls clashed with the gang again for setting off fireworks at the housing complex.

It was after an altercation over fireworks on July 4 that Ninedee members Maliek Miller, 27, who called Walls a 'snitch' and fired a gun into the air, Quintin Green, 20, and Chayanne Fernandez, 21, began plotting her murder, prosecutors said.

Green and another unnamed suspect, who was a juvenile at the time, decided to carry out the plot later three days later, according to court documents.

The pair 'waited at the Pink Houses all afternoon and through the early evening for an opportunity to shoot Ms. Walls, changing their clothes throughout the day in order to disguise their appearance,' prosecutors wrote in a memo filed Monday, urging a federal judge to order two members of the gang detained pending trial.

When Walls emerged from a building in the complex at about 9:25pm, Green came up from behind, exchanged words with her, then began firing a gun at her, the feds said. Green missed and hit an innocent bystander, prosecutors said.

Walls then sprinted away from Green, who gave chase while continuing to fire at her — at one point leaping over a fence to get a clear shot, according to the court documents.

In the chase, Walls' fate was sealed when she unknowingly ran toward a second shooter — the unidentified juvenile suspect — who opened fire, prosecutors said.

Green then caught up and gunned down Walls behind one of the buildings on Linden Boulevard, according to prosecutors.

After the brutal murder, a number of Ninedee members hid out in Queens to avoid increased police scrutiny at the Pink Houses.

Fernandez, Green and Miller were each indicted on murder in-aid-of-racketeering charges in the slaying, and could face life in jail - or the death penalty.

A fourth suspect, Kevin Wint, 27, was charged with accessory after the fact for helping them hide out in Queens after the murder, according to court papers.

In the days after Walls’ death, her heartbroken mother told The Post that her daughter approached the gang members on July 4 after Borough President Eric Adams urged Brooklyn residents to talk to neighbors about fireworks, rather than call the police.

'She watched the news. Yes, she heard it,' Helen Testagros said at the time, referring to Adams’ advice. 'It was probably in the back of her mind.'

Attorney information for the suspects was not immediately available.
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