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Coronavirus & CHRIST | Awakening the [Emerald] GREEN Energy of OZ & the MERKABA | Important Update
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Skullcap SaVant
Published 3 months ago |
◄Originally posted on 2/9/2020 to YouTube►

#2020YearZero #JEDIvSITH #ComingOfChrist #VCipher

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**NOTE TO VIEWER**: At approx. the 1hr 59min mark of the video, I got a copyright violation when explaining that in Star Wars, LUKE overcame VADER with FORGIVENESS and his newly constructed GREEN light-saber (Merkaba Energy). I ALSO discussed how TRUMP as the LION from Wizard of OZ needed his HEART FIRST to overcome the proverbial COWARDICE. I had to clip this part of the video but the DELETED scene from Return of the Jedi is HERE:

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